Asian Business Leaders Award Gala Dinner 2018, Singapore

Thomas Abraham, Director of Professional Standards-Asian Institute of Finance with Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, one of the world's premier thought-leaders on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Asian Business Leaders Award Gala Dinner in Singapore on Oct 22nd. Dr Kai-Fu was named the Asian Business Leader 2018 by Asia House which was attended by senior figures from business, diplomacy and investment.  In his acceptance speech, Dr Lee offered his thoughts , "Artificial intelligence and big data are changing the world. I believe we have a duty to ensure that this change is one for the better, and that new technologies enrich, rather than impair, the lives of all people. Fundamentally we need to rethink our social contract to go beyond a purely economic one. We need to realise that we are not passive spectators in the story of AI—we are the authors of it.”