The Talent Trifecta in Malaysia: Competence, Commitment and Contribution

*Available in digital version only
30 Nov 2018
35-page report
The demand for a high-value, high-performing workforce has increased, creating raised expectations for a talent pool that boasts relevant skills, new capabilities and the ability to be highly adaptable to change and respond to the elusive environment of the 21st century. However, a common and continuous conundrum that the FSI faces is determining what should be the focal areas of talent management, given that resources and efforts to build talent pools are finite.

This study provides a blueprint in addressing this quandary based on Dave Ulrich's talent trifecta which proposes that true talent cannot be realised without the combination of three essential elements: competence, commitment and contribution. Human resource professionals and senior business leaders will find this guide essential in understanding how talent pools can be developed effectively.
The Talent Trifecta Equation