Consumer Trust in the Digital Economy: A Perspective from the Financial Services Industry and FinTech in Malaysia

*Available in digital version only
28 Aug 2018
The emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has disrupted every facet of the financial services industry (FSI), with FinTech start-ups altering the way money is managed. As digitisation of the financial sector continues and FinTech gains prominence, the success of such digital transformation can only be achieved with strong consumer advocacy.

So, just how trustworthy is FinTech in the eyes of Malaysian consumers and what has been the impact on FinTech usage? Future collaboration between FinTechs and financial institutions are expected to increase - what are the future implications for stakeholders?

This report explores these questions through insights derived from approximately 1,000 Malaysian online consumers across Peninsula Malaysia. Findings are also supplemented through interviews with consumers and professionals within the FinTech industry.

All stakeholders within the FSI and FinTech organisations should find this report valuable in understanding the heartbeat of the FinTech consumer and related issues concerning trust, as well as how to induce greater trust for the future.