The Affin Hwang Journey: Making a Merger Work

*Available in digital version only
19 Nov 2017
A merger and acquisition is always regarded as a process that warrants grit and determination and a bit of luck and only those with experience and resilience can see it through and withstand its trials and tribulations. To stay relevant and become a force to be reckoned with by other players in the industry, a bold and strategic step needed to be taken. 2014 marked the start of that journey when Affin Investment Bank Berhad and Hwang DBS (Malaysia) Bhd merged and formed a new entity in the financial sector in Malaysia. Capitalising on each other's strengths, Affin Hwang Capital is set to establish its footprint in the market. This case narrates the relationship forged between two diverse businesses and cultures. It is seen as a merger that celebrates diversity and creates a solid foundation: a David and Goliath story where a small, merged entity is giving the big players a run for their money.