IBFIM's Capacity Building Projects

  • Research & Thought Leadership

    Develop Flagship & Frigate Programs and its Learning Materials
    The development of the new Flagship and Frigate Programs ensures all lslamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM) training courses are of excellent standards and are Islamic Financial Services Act (IFSA) compliance in accordance to the Islamic finance industry.

    • Developed competency-based and practical oriented Islamic financial programmes that are based on industry requirements
    • Provided extensive training to consultants in order for them to customise each business’ requirements to meet key objectives and deliver positive results

    e-Content Development: Development and Instructional Design
    The objective of developing e-Learning content and its instructional design infrastructure is to transform IBFIM’s learning materials into virtual mode for easier accessibility.

    • Established internet-based learning or e-learning that provides an alternative to conventional classroom learning, hence increasing the number of students
    • Developed a quick, convenient and reliable source of training specializing in Islamic banking whereby students learn at their own pace
    • Created better connectivity with a new, more accessible and user-friendly website

    Takaful Competency Framework
    The Takaful Competency Framework will serve as a basis for training module development.

    • Provided students with a Takaful certification course that meet with industry standards, and for understanding competency level
    • Developed a structured Takaful certification course to benefit the students and the industry

  • Talent Management

    Shariah Advisors Apprenticeship Programme
    The Shariah Advisors Apprenticeship Programme is a program that is made available to provide human capital resources in Shariah to the Islamic finance industry. This in turn, gives exposure to Shariah personnel in operation knowledge and skills in Islamic finance.

    • Developed more opportunities for an effective approach in developing human resources through apprenticeship.
    • Trained suitable candidates in the various dimensions of Shariah elements including research, advisory and consultancy
    • Developed a conducive and comprehensive training ground for Shariah apprentices
    • To date, a total of 10 Shariah consultants have been trained under this programme

    External Resource Panel and Panel of Experts
    IBFIM aims to be the prominent local and international reference point for Shariah consultancy services.

    • Established a reservoir of knowledge by tapping on the knowledge of experts and scholars
    • Industry personnel are recognized for their skills, which will in turn benefit the industry through shared knowledge

    Subject Matter Experts

    All IBFIM’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) ensure that all the training modules are well developed and provide valuable insights and in depth knowledge to the industry

    • Provided training to SMEs in order for them to articulate and implement best practices related to their area of expertise
    • These experts in turn provided proper guidance on how their area of capabilities are able to resolve organizational needs

  • Systems Transformation

    IBFIM Campus Management System

    A good virtual learning environment requires a good Learning Management System. The IBFIM Campus Management System enables students to work and access learning resources at anytime of the day.

    • Implemented and operated a fully integrated e-Learning Management System for managing learning processes
    • Escalated the number of students as no physical infrastructure or instructors are required
    • Showcased that e-Learning is a great alternative to conventional training methods

    IBFIM Web Portal

    The development of the new IBFIM’s web portal was designed to be more interactive and user-friendly.

    • Established better and greater connectivity between IBFIM and the industry
    • An effective communication tool to share IBFIM’s world-class training programs

    Network of Regional Examination Centers (NREC)

    The objective of the establishment of the Network of Regional Examinations Center (NREC) is to offer Takaful agents a network of online examination centres. Students will be able to enjoy a more convenient examination process as they will be able to sit for the exams online.

    • More agents benefitted from NREC as it is a more cost-effective and convenient method for students to sit for the examinations

  • Knowledge Management

    KMC: Publications of Islamic Finance Books
    The publication of Islamic Finance Books is to expand the knowledge of Islamic finance through relevant reference materials. To date, IBFIM has successfully published 16 quality Islamic Finance books.

    • Established IBFIM as a leading publisher of Islamic Finance books and reference materials in the country
    • Aims to provide easily accessible reference materials to students, researchers and personnel in the Islamic finance industry

    KMC: Translation of Shariah Books

    With Shariah reference books in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, IBFIM is able to provide more reference materials on Islamic finance to non-Arabic readers. To date, IBFIM has successfully translated 9 books into the English language.

    • Non-Arabic reading students or agents benefitted from the translation of Shariah books as they now have a selection of reference materials made available to them

    KMC Book Shoppe

    The KMC Book Shoppe at IBFIM is trusted by the industry and financial academics and it also supplies Islamic books to universities and libraries. Currently there are more than 600 reading materials and reference books on Islamic Finance & Banking, Takaful, Islamic Wealth Management, Islamic Capital Market and General Islamic titles.

  • Brand Building & Industry Engagement

    International Strategic Alliance & Programme Recognition
    With the International Strategic Alliance & Programme Recognition project, more business opportunities and partnerships can be established in the region. This will also help to raise IBFIM’s qualification to world class standards.

    • Secured Intellectual Property (IP) and assisted the Islamic finance industry by providing world-class internal processes, documentation, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and engagement of processes
    • Expanded market opportunities and developed new business possibilities through new products and services

    Network of Islamic Finance Training Institutes

    The objective of Network of Islamic Finance Training Institutes (NIFTI) is to form a network if Islamic Finance Training that will lead to a formation of association in the future with IBFIM as the driver. There are currently 33 International Affiliates who are members of NIFTI.

    • Successfully developed and established the NIFTI for local and global Islamic Finance Training Institutes
    • Created a useful infrastructure for networking and exchanging of ideas among members through the website, newsletters and meetings