Our Affiliates

As the banking and financial services industry continues to grow, the demand for skilled and talented professionals has increased in tandem. AIF is focused on enhancing the capabilities and capacity of our Affiliate Institutes below:

Asian Banking School
Asian Banking School (ABS) 

Asian Banking School (ABS) is the industry provider of premium professional certification and capability development programmes. Dedicated to developing talent, it specializes in professional banking education and serves as a channel for intellectual content and thought leadership for the banking sector. 

As one of the industry's preferred partners in learning and development, ABS offers industry relevant training programmes that cover a comprehensive list of banking areas and are designed and developed by our Specialist Training Consultancy Team or in collaboration with strategic learning partners that includes some of the top business schools in the world. It provides specialised consulting services and tailored learning solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients; as well as executive education offerings. 

ABS works closely with the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers in raising competency standards for the banking industry through the delivery of training classes for professional qualifications developed and awarded by the professional body.

ABS also plays a significant role in enriching the talent pipeline for the financial services sector through the industry recognised Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP).

Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers
Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB)

The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB) is the professional body for the banking industry in Malaysia governed by a Council with representatives from Bank Negara Malaysia, the Association of Banks in Malaysia, and the Malaysian Investment Banking Association. Guided by the transformation blueprint for the Malaysian banking education landscape, AICB aims to elevate the professional and ethical standards of banking practitioners by creating a banking workforce that subscribes to high standards of professional conduct, knowledge and competence. 

Upholding trust in the banking profession is the cornerstone of the Institute and together with its exclusive training partner, the Asian Banking School (ABS), AICB continues to ensure that its suite of professional qualifications for banking services remain relevant to equip banking talent with the requisite skill sets and values to meet the evolving banking landscape and contribute to strengthening public trust. Among the professional qualifications offered are Bank Risk Management, Professional Credit Certification, Pasaran Kewangan Malaysia Certification, Regulatory Compliance, Certificate in Internal Auditing for Financial Institutions, Certification for Bank Auditors, Certified Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CAMCO), Investor Protection Professional Certification, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CTF), and the Chartered Banker programme. The Chartered Banker programme, which is the gold standard in global banking, is AICB’s flagship programme awarded together with the Chartered Banker Institute, UK. 

AICB also supports members through various learning and thought leadership initiatives and promotes continuous professional development (CPD) for members to keep abreast of the latest industry developments. 

Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals
Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals (CIIF) 

Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals (CIIF) was established in 2015 as a professional body for Islamic finance practitioners to support the capacity building agenda of the industry by setting professional standards to drive the next phase of Islamic finance human capital development.

In setting professional standards, the CIIF aims to support its members towards the continuous pursuit and development of cutting-edge knowledge in Islamic finance; upholding the highest levels of integrity in discharging their professional duties; and providing distinguished quality service in the execution of their professional duties.

It was formerly known as the Association of Chartered Islamic Finance Professionals (ACIFP), which was established in 2008. The ACIFP was specifically mentioned in the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Financial Sector Blueprint 2011 - 2020, under Recommendation 5.3.2 as the "professional body responsible for global quality standards for Islamic Finance Professionals".  

Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia
Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM)

IBFIM is an industry-owned and Regulator-linked institute whose objective is to serve the needs of the Islamic finance industry stakeholders in talent and business development. Since 2001, IBFIM has been conducting training programmes as well as extending business and Shariah advisory services. IBFIM's tagline "Your Islamic Finance Business Partner" manifests its close rapport with the industry and its wide range of services. 

As a market leader, IBFIM's certification programmes are developed, moderated and recognized by the industry. The programmes cover four disciplines: banking, takaful, capital market and wealth management. IBFIM's Islamic Finance Qualifications are mapped out in an innovative Progression Route which in itself is a motivation for industry personnel to enhance their competencies in moving up the corporate ladder. IBFIM's stock screening methodology is best practice, serving clients seeking truly Shariah compliance. IBFIM is the market leader in Shariah advisory for Shariah-based funds and in Shariah audit. IBFIM has helped in the conversion and establishment of Islamic financial institutions.

Securities Industry Development Corporation
Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC)

Securities Industry Development Corporation, the leading capital market learning and development solutions provider for industry participants in Malaysia and the growth and emerging markets that include market professionals, company directors and regulators. Established in 1994 as the learning and development arm of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and incorporated in 2007, SIDC has been a standard-bearer of quality and innovation for over two decades. As the capital market industry's partner in learning and development, SIDC works hand in hand with the industry insights, frequently partnering with government agencies and international organisations to carry out capacity building initiatives for market regulators and industry players.

SIDC works closely with the SC to establish competency standards for the industry-developing, maintaining and administrating the SC Licensing Examinations and the mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme as part of the licensing regime for Malaysian capital market intermediaries. In addition, we also contribute to the capital market talent pipeline through our fit-for-purpose graduate development programmes as well as conducting public investor education programmes on behalf of the SC with the aim of creating informed and prudent capital market investors. 

The Malaysian Insurance Institute
The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII)

Founded in 1968 as a non-profit organisation, The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) is the leading professional body and education institution for the Malaysian insurance industry. MII provides internationally recognised qualifications in insurance, risk management and financial planning. It is highly respected as a regional centre that offers an extensive range of quality education programmes and training courses for professionals in the insurance and financial services industry. MII commitment to providing relevant, high quality professional qualifications and training offerings is underpinned by its role in partnering the industry and its members in the pursuit of professional excellence and business success.